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Athens Day Tour
For lovers of the capital of Greece whose history has been reached the edge of the world. The birthplace of the culture and the democracy with a number of the Top Attractions of Greece, museums and taverns with local traditional cuzine.
Athens and Sounion Tour
An excellent combination of archaeological sites and wonderful view of the Athenian Reviera. A truly unique romantic proposal with the sunset at Cape Sounion is leaving unforgettable memories.
Argolis Tour
Includes visit to the archaeological sites of Ancient Corinth, Mycenae, Ancient Epidaurus and Nafplion. This option brings together the history of many centuries, cultures and different cities of Peloponnese in a day.
Delphi Day Tour
A journey through the history  and the religion from the period when Greeks believed that Delphi was the center of the world. Today, if we consider the large number of visitors and the importance of ancient treasures, you will realize that they were right.
Athens Tours are very popular for visitors who want to see all the Top Attractions in Athens Greece but their time is not enough or they don't like the walking and they use taxi in Athens to cover the big distance around the famous Landmarks in Athens.
Athens Tour is the easiest way to enjoy the city in few hours especially for travelers of cruise ships who dock in the port of Piraeus and they have few hours to see the highlights of Athens city. I am a professional taxi driver to offer Private Tours in Athens by taxi minivan or minibus and together you will know from the beginning the best place to visit in Athens.
So, we start our tour from the Holy Rock of the Acropolis who is the symbol of the city since the 5th century BC. On the Acropolis Hill you will visit the Propylaea, the Temple of Parthenon, the temple of Wingless Victory (Apteros Niki) and the Temple Erechtheion. At the foot of the Acropolis Hill you see the Ancient Theatre of Dionysus and Herod Atticus Theater too. Next place is the New Museum of Acropolis. Then, we will visit the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and the stadium where the first modern Olympic Games took place in 1896.
After that, we will climb up the Hill of Lycabetus to enjoy the most beautiful panoramic view of Athens. On the way to the down town, crossing Kolonaki area, we will reach the Presidential House and the Greek Parliament building where the monument to the Unknown Soldier is located. Then, we will have a drive to the Academy of Athens, the first University and the National Library (Trilogy of Athens) before we visit Plaka.
Plaka is the old city of Athens. You could walk through the narrow streets of Plaka, buy souvenirs from the local stores or you could stay for lunch in a restaurant for tasting the famous Greek souvlaki and the local cuzine. Later, we will visit the Ancient Greek Agora the Roman Forum or the National Archeological Museum.
No doubt, we will have a wonderful Day Tour in Athens before we go back to the place where I have to drop you off and the tour is finished.
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BENEFITS: Athens Tours is private and customized on your time frame, activity level and interests.
MEETING POINT: The embarkation and the disembarkation points are Hotels, Apartments, Piraeus Port, Marinas, Athens Airport or wherever is convenient for the guests. The day tour combines with airport transfer and the duration customized on your interest.
DURATION: Basically is 7-8 hours max, flexible to configuration on you.
INCLUDED: English speaking driver by Taxi, Minivan or Minibus, gas, tolls, airport or port taxes. The vehicle depended on the number of the passengers or requested by you.
NOT INCLUDED: Professional Licensed Tourist Guide, Entrance fees, food, drinks.
EXTRA OPTIONS: Professional Licensed Tourist Guide is available if requested.
PAYMENT METHOD: Able to pay with 3 different ways a) in Cash, with extra discount from the official charge, b) Through a bank account, c) Credit Card.
Special discount 30%
EXTRA NOTES: No extra comments