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Terms Of Use
The web site www.athens-taxi-driver.gr distinctively titled “ATHENS TAXI DRIVER” is property of the company Dimitrios P. Gioutsos, having as main activity a Tourist Office through a web site distinctively titled “MY GREECE TOURS” licensed by the Greek Organization of Tourism having a register number for tourist companies 0261Ε0000583401 (hereafter called the COMPANY). The COMPANY, based in Athens, through the web site promotes, informs, advertises and provides services of transfer for passengers towards other destinations in Greece.
The services are addressed to individuals and companies, are updated based on the market interest and are realized based on availability with a proprietary vehicle or leased vehicle of cooperating company. In the scope of transparency, the COMPANY explicitly states that it does not function as mediator for transferring passengers (using taxis of public use or private vehicles with drivers), instead makes it clear that the provided services are conducted with proprietary vehicles or leased vehicles with drivers from third cooperating companies. For this reason, the visitor maintains every right to request any details concerning the cooperating company in order to proceed to reservation of services directly from the partner.
The visitor has to be and is responsible to study the terms and conditions of the contextual cooperating companies before proceeding to reservations with them. The visitors / users have the responsibility to access the services of the site and pay any charges to third parties (e.g. rendered services for internet, charges for the time remaining in it). Moreover, they are solely responsible for their personal equipment with the necessary technological means that allows access to the services.
As long as visitors / users wish to use the services of the COMPANY, they must agree to the following: to provide true, accurate, valid and complete data according to the information asked in the relevant applications so that they can have access to the content / services, to update their personal data in case of any change so that they are kept true, accurate, valid, updated and complete, to receive promotion material and presentation of the COMPANY services. The COMPANY maintains the right to modify or / and to discontinue temporarily or permanently part or total of the services of the site with or without any notification towards its users.
More specifically, the visitor must know that the transfer of passengers is realized with a proprietary vehicle, leased vehicle or leased vehicle with driver from another cooperating company and that the driver can provide further information so that he can offer tailor made experiences to the client. The driver, in any case, does not substitute the work of a Licensed Tourist Guide. The COMPANY can hire a professional Licensed Tourist Guide on behalf of the clients or after agreement with the professional Licensed Tourist Guide  provide his / her details so that the interested party can proceed directly to reservation with him / her at their own risk.
Unless there is an exception (copyright of third parties, partners and entities), the whole content of the site, including pictures, graphics, photos, drawings, texts, the offered services and in general all the files of this web site, consist copyright, licensed logos and logos of services of the COMPANY and are protected by the relevant regulations of the Greek law, the European law and the international agreements and conditions. Therefore, none of these, entirely or partly, may be sold, copied, modified, reproduced, republished, downloaded, transmitted or distributed in any way. Exception is applied to the case of an individual, saving just one copy and only part of the content in a personal computer for personal and not public or commercial use, always referenced, otherwise it is considered plagiarism encroaching the copyright and industrial property. The visitor understands and accepts that they are not provided with the right to reproduce, copy, sell, trade and / or take advantage commercially or through any means, the entire or part of the content of the site.
Given the nature and the enormity of the internet, under any circumstances including the case of  negligence, does the COMPANY assume responsibility for any kind of damage the visitors of the web site may suffer when browsing the pages, services, choices and content of the site to which they have access at their own initiative. The contents of the site are provided exactly as they appear without any guarantee declared or assumed in any way. At the highest extent and according to the law, the company negates any guarantee declared or assumed, including, but not confined in that, the ones that presume the commerciality and appropriateness for a specific purpose.
The COMPANY does not guarantee that the pages, the services, the choices and the content will be provided without interruption, no errors and that the mistakes will be corrected. Moreover, it is not guaranteed that the site or any other site or the servers, through which the contents are at the disposal of the visitors, may contain viruses or any malware.
The content and the data that are included in the site consist an offer for the visitors and in general the community of the Internet users and the COMPANY does not check the availability, the content, the protection policy of personal data, the quality and the completion of services given by other websites and pages to which hyperlinks or banners redirect the visitor. Consequently, for any problem that may arise while visiting / using them, the visitors must address directly the relevant web sites and pages, which bear the full responsibility for the provision of their services. Under no circumstances should the COMPANY be considered that it consents or accepts the content or the services of these web sites as well as the pages where it redirects or it is connected with them in any way.
The above terms and conditions for the use of the website as well as any modification are governed and supplemented by the Greek law, the European Union regulations and the relevant international conditions. Any directive of the above terms which would be in contradiction with the law, ceases instantaneously to be valid and is excluded from the present without, in any case, affecting the validation of the rest of the terms. The present consists the entire agreement between the COMPANY and the visitors of the pages and services and binds only them. Any modification of these terms will not be taken into consideration and will not form part of this agreement if it is not formulated in written and it is not incorporated in it.
About the booking policy you should visit the corresponding page "RESERVATION POLICY".
A cookie is a small piece of data that is sent to the browser of the visitors from a web server and it is stored in the hard drive of their computer. Cookies do not harm the visitors’ computer system and do not affect its functionality. Cookies also make browsing the web easier for the visitor saving its configurations. The present web site uses only the necessary cookies.
Absolutely necessary cookies
The absolutely necessary cookies are of utmost importance for the proper function of the web site and allow the visitor to browse and use its functions such as accessing secure pages, communication forms, sign up forms etc. for security reasons. These cookies do not identify the individual identity of the visitors. Without these cookies the web site of the COMPANY cannot offer efficient function.
1. General information
Through its web site, the COMPANY has the capability of collecting personal data from the visitors that it needs (that is email address, name, surname, contact number) so that it can offer the visitors the services they wish. Personal data are collected, processed, registered and saved confidentially by the Responsible for Processing Data that is the COMPANY according the regulations of the European Law as they are stated in the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) for personal data, the Directive EU 2016/680 and law 4624/2019.
The above mentioned personal data that are collected, under no circumstances are they going to be disclosed to third parties (with the exception that is anticipated by the Law and the relevant Authorities and everything that is stated in paragraph 4 of the present) but their personal quality is preserved. The COMPANY maintains the files containing the data exclusively for communication reasons and provision of offered services.
2. Access right, correction, deletion and reversal of the procedure
In case a visitor has made a transaction with the COMPANY, they have the possibility to be granted access or correct their personal data, by informing the COMPANY through relevant email.
In any case a visitor has the right to be granted access, to correct or delete their personal data as well as to refuse process of their data, they have to address the COMPANY any time:
a. Through mail to DIMITRIOS GIOUTSOS “MY GREECE TOURS”, Aristotelous str. 9 Palaio Faliro, Post code 17563, Athens, Greece.
b. Through telephone from 10:00 to 18:00 (local time) Monday to Friday, tel: +30 6936 255 440.
c. Through email: info@athens-taxi-driver.gr
3. Process of personal data by the COMPANY
3.1 Methods for collecting data
When a visitor makes a request in the web site, the COMPANY collects the personal data, using the form that is available in the relevant page. The COMPANY collects in that way the name, surname, email address and the telephone number of the visitor. Additionally, further information may be asked in case it is considered necessary according to the purpose and kind of services.
3.2 Aims
The personal data that the COMPANY collects may be used so that the visitor can be updated for the products and services that are offered by the COMPANY and the offers or promotional proposals and in general communication and marketing. The COMPANY may send the visitor through email commercial suggestions about products or services, promotional and advertising proposals unless he / she has declared negation in the above contact data that are mentioned in paragraph 2.
3.3 Process of data
The data are kept for a period of two years from the date of transaction and after that they are deleted.
3.4 Recipients of the data
All personal data are intended for use by the COMPANY and will be accessed by DIMITIOS P. GIOUTSOS.
3.5 Security and confidentiality of personal data
The COMPANY puts every effort to take all precautionary measures to maintain confidentiality and security of personal data and deter not only their distortion, damage, destruction but also their access by non-authorized third parties. The technical and organizational measures of security include cutting-edge technology. Nonetheless, the COMPANY cannot control risks that are connected with the function of Internet and therefore the visitors must be careful for any potential risk that is relevant to its use and function.
3.6 Usage of personal data
The COMPANY is not going to transfer or provide in any way personal data and information concerning the visitors to third parties nor to commercial or business related partners without having the in advance notification and consent of the visitors. In case the COMPANY is compelled by the law or court order to give access to the personal data of the visitor, it will notify the visitor relevantly, as long as this is possible (unless the COMPANY assesses that it is not obligatory to do so).
Taking into consideration the level of technology that is relevant to the field of communication, the COMPANY cannot ensure confidentiality and integrity of verifying the authenticity of the emails that the visitors receives or sends to the COMPANY.
4. Data that we share
The COMPANY does not sell or reveal personal data that collects from the visitors unless there are cases that are described as follows. There is a possibility of sharing the data of the visitors:
a. With partners or / and service providers that offer services on behalf of the COMPANY based on its instructions. The COMPANY does not authorize these providers to use or disclose the data unless it is necessary for the service provision on its behalf or in compliance with regulations.
b. With other third parties after the visitor is informed and has given their consent.
Additionally, the COMPANY, may disclose data about their visitors (i) if it is obliged to act as such according to the law or legal procedure, (ii) to authorities or any officials of the government, or (iii) if it believes that the disclosure is necessary or appropriate in order to deter physical damage, economic loss, or in cooperation with investigation of suspecting fraudulent or illegal activity.
5. Your rights and choices
5.1 Withdrawal of consent
The visitor may withdraw any consent that has given or object to it any time due to legitimate reasons as far as the process of their personal data is concerned. The COMPANY will comply with the choices of the visitors in due course. In some cases, when visitors withdraw their consent for use or disclosure of their personal data it may be possible that they may not be able to enjoy any of the services of the COMPANY.
5.2 Email opt-out
The visitor can, any time, inform the COMPANY through email that they do not want to be sent advertising communication via email as it appears in the contact details.
5.3 Reexamination, updating and modification of personal data
On condition of the valid regulation, the visitor has the right to ask access and receive details for their personal details that the COMPANY maintains for them, to update and correct inconsistencies in the personal data and ask for their blocking or deletion according to the case. The access right to personal data can be confined to certain cases according to local regulations. Visitors can ask to review, change or delete their personal data by sending an email to: info@athens-taxi-driver.gr
6. How the COMPANY protects personal dataThe COMPANY maintains appropriate technical safety procedures that are designed for the protection of personal data from random, illegal or non-authorized deletion, loss, corruption, access, disclosure or use.
7. How to communicate with us: DIMITRIOS GIOUTSOS “MY GREECE TOURS”, Aristotelous str. 9 Palaio Faliro, Postcode 17563, Athens-Greece, Telephone: +30 6936 255 440, Email: info@athens-taxi-driver.gr